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Supple Treatment And Anti-entanglement 300M Braided Fishing Line SP

Supple Treatment And Anti-entanglement 300M Braided Fishing Line SP

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1. High-tech weaving technology (using spheronization textile technology, the wire diameter is uniform and slender, and the appearance is smooth)

2. The line body is smooth (good PE line is smoother, the friction force of throwing is small, the line quality is good, and the holding force of the fish in the water is reduced)

3. Supple treatment and anti-entanglement (soft line body with zero adsorption, spheronization textile technology, anti-entanglement)

4. Stronger pulling force (no matter it is flexibility, gloss is extremely good, strong pulling force)

5. Flexible, smooth and lint-free (zero memory, lint-free, more sensitive in the transmission of fish in the flood season, strong pulling force, strong and wear-resistant, and the wire body is soft and does not hurt the guide ring)

6. No extension, anti-static and waterproof (high waterproof special resin processing, good waterproof effect, the line body will become thinner and more usable after use)

Fishing line maintenance:

1. After each fishing, the clean fishing line should be gently wrapped around the reel in time, try to make the fishing line slack, not tight, because long-term force will cause the fishing line to lose its original elasticity .

2. It is better to choose a round winder. The square winder has right angles on all four sides, and it is placed for a long time. The strength of the bending point of the fishing line will decrease, and the fishing line that is released is always clean with a cloth. The water quality in the fishing waters is many, including a certain amount of oil, salt, alkali, and acid. And many other ingredients. If the water containing these ingredients is not wiped off, the dropped line will reduce the strength due to corrosion.

3. All fishing lines are stored in a dry, dull, and non-polluted place to avoid damp deterioration and aging.

4. When going out fishing, wrap the reel with fishing line, do not put it together with other sundries, so as not to scratch the fishing line, let alone put it together with grease.


If you find that the color of the fishing line changes, fades, turns yellow, etc., or becomes brittle. It means that the fishing line has aged or is beginning to age, and it should be replaced in time. Don't try to get lucky and leave the hidden danger of breaking the line and running fish.


Product Category: Main Line


Strength: 10LB-30LB

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