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Lilac Milo

2 In 1 Wireless Adapter Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter

2 In 1 Wireless Adapter Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter

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*Bluetooth 5.0, 4 hours of battery life, lossless sound quality, hands-free call, plug and play, AUX interface
*Bluetooth transmission mode (TX): Convert wired audio into Bluetooth signal, and transmit it to Bluetooth device for output
*Bluetooth Receive Mode (RX): Receive Bluetooth signal and transmit it to wired audio through Bluetooth connection
*Connect to the TV’s 3.5mm audio interface, and transmit the sound to the headset via Bluetooth, so you are not afraid to disturb your family when watching movies at night
*Connected to 3.5mm audio port, the speaker without Bluetooth function can also be played wirelessly
*Connect the bluetooth connector to the car AUX interface through the adapter/transfer cable (standard), and connect the bluetooth to the car stereo, which can not only make calls, but also listen to dynamic music, so that your journey is no longer lonely
*Lossless sound quality CD-level enjoyment: high-resolution restoration of lossless sound quality, bringing CD-level music experience only one, you can listen to the music in your phone
*Fully charged once and used for 4 hours: the built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be charged once, and can be used for 4 hours when the battery is low, which is convenient and worry-free
*Bluetooth 5.0 listening to songs without lag: low power consumption and high rate stable signal transmission, listening to songs more smoothly

Product model: C28 Bluetooth audio receiving and transmitting combo
Product color: black
Battery capacity: 140Amh
Working range: 10m (without any obstacles)
Charging time: 1h
Use time: 4h
Suitable type: computer, TV, projector (transmission mode)/speaker, earphone (reception mode)
Gross weight: 41g
Packing size: 103*68*18.3mm

Package Included:
1*Charging cable
1*3.5mm audio cable

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