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Rose Chloe

FigueroaBrothers FG-1307 5 oz Spice Exchange Pepper Potpourri, 4 P

FigueroaBrothers FG-1307 5 oz Spice Exchange Pepper Potpourri, 4 P

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Figueroa brothers are best known as one-half of the hilariously irreverent, satirical, counter-culture no-holds-barred duo of Cheech and Chong, Cheech Marin is a paradox in the world of entertainment. We are always creating new sauces that continue to deliver authentic zest and bold flavors to your favorite foods. It’s also great right out of the jar, poured over soft cheese with crackers or as a salad dressing. It also makes an incredible dipping sauce for grilled meats, vegetables, sausages, and cheeses.

Chipotle peppers are typically smoked and dried jalapeño peppers. Smoking chile dates back centuries before the Aztecs to the ancient civilization of Teotihuacan just north of modern day Mexico City.

The process of smoking and drying chiles preserves the pods for future use and produces one of the most distinctive and flavorful aromas. They are described to have a savory sweetness with chocolate and tobacco undertones. The heat ranges from moderate to hot. They are useful in pepper sauces, paste, marinades and barbecue sauces. Chipotles can add just the right amount of smoky heat and flavotr to all your cooking and grilling.

  • 4 Per Pack - Pack of 8
  • Capcity: 5 oz
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