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Erin Zeus

Growzilla 6.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Growzilla 6.0 - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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Growzilla 6.0 - 4 Plant, Single Chamber Vertical Grow Box

The Growzilla is an automated 4 plant, single chamber vertical grow box that can grow from seed to harvest all year long. Plants can grow tall in the Growzilla as it is a single, tall chamber. The center black strip of wood is only on the front side and designed for box stability.

Dimensions: 68" Tall x 24" Wide x 16.5" Deep. Weight: 135 pounds.

Grows 5-7 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle.

The Growzilla won High Times Grow Box Of The Year Award for 2021

What's included?

Made in the USA grow box frame.
Mars LED quantum board grow light.
3 120mm intake and outtake fans with built in carbon filters.
Odor jar for extra scent filtration.
Air pump.
Air stone.
Vinyl air lines.
Water pump.
4 plant DWC reservoir.
Net pots.
Starter plugs.
Timer/power strip combo.
Advanced Nutrients (auto PHs plants).
Nutrient feeding chart.
Unlimited phone and email tech support.
Free, plain box shipping.
Lifetime Warranty on everything except the lights which have a 1 year warranty.

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