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Amber Oceanus

Nectar Multi Function Pocket Knife,MultiFunction,Stainless

Nectar Multi Function Pocket Knife,MultiFunction,Stainless

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With its small and multi-functional structure, you will save time with the Nektar 4 pocket knife, which will always be at hand at the camp or in the city. You no longer need to search or find the big tool bag for small jobs, your small tool bag is in your pocket. Durable, practical and you can also attach it to your keychain if you want with its easy-to-use pocket-fit. Unique design with stainless steel material will make it a very useful accessory for you. Nektar key pocket knife with 4 different functions. Product dimensions: 8,9x3,1x1,9 cm. Functions: knife, hook remover, scissors, bottle opener. The product comes with a gift box. Nektar 4 function pocket knife, which is one of the products that you must have for your urgent needs in your home, work place, cabinet or car, will be fixed at your disposal. Choosing the best pocket knife model depends on your usage area and personal needs. By determining your needs, you can easily select the best pocket knife for you from Nektar's models.

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