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Erin Zeus

Perpetual Harvest 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Boxes Combo

Perpetual Harvest 14 Plant Hydroponics Grow Boxes Combo

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Perpetual Harvest - Hydroponics Combo

The Perpetual Harvest is a 3 box combo that allows the user to harvest every single month for a total of of 8-10 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle. Once plants are harvested, medium sized plants are moved into the large Growzilla grow box and baby plants from the Baby Cloner are moved into the medium sized Grandma Secret Garden. The Baby Cloner can then be used to start new baby plants or can alternatively be used to make clones.

The normal retail price on this is $2985 but take it all home today for $2495 w/ free shipping for a total savings of $500.



The 3 grow boxes include (click on links for full description):

Baby Cloner - The Baby Cloner allows for seedling or cloning propagation for 6 plants. All grow boxes below come with everything you need to grow except for the seeds.. (see some of the items included in the pictures).

Grandma's Secret Garden - Discover vigorous vegetative growth in the 3 foot, 4 plant Grandma's Secret Garden, allowing your plants to reach their full potential through low stress training or you can move them out early on into the taller Growzilla box as is recommended with this combo.

Growzilla - The 5'8", 4 plant, single chamber Growzilla grow box is perfect for large plants to grow to maturity. When done growing full size plants in the Growzilla, simply harvest them and move the hydroponics reservoir from your Grandma's Secret Garden to the Growzilla to start your next cycle. Enjoy zero days downtime between crops while rewarding yourself with perpetual happiness.

This Grow Box combo will pay itself very quickly & save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years so you will actually make money from this purchase. It is also very easy to use. Each grow box requires very little work as all that is mostly required is to 5 minutes to change the water & nutrients once every week. 

These 3 grow boxes are handmade in the USA from scratch using high quality, specially treated wood.

Comes with everything you need except for the plants including free shipping, a lifetime warranty, instructions & free phone/email tech support for the life of your product.

Instructions & Feeding Chart:


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