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Stephens Strapless Knee Pads

Stephens Strapless Knee Pads

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Stephens "one of a kind" patented strapless (ultra flex) Zip Wrap Knee Pads give you the support as if you are wearing a knee brace and knee pad at the same time. Once you put on Stephens  "one of a kind" strapless Zip Wrap Knee Pads, you will never go back to straps!

  • Expansion zipper - allows adjustments for larger legs
  •  On/off Zipper - allows for easy on and off when needed
  • Support - eliminates all strap burns, irritation and shifting
  • Flexible - provides excellent comfort & support when kneeling
  • Certified flooring installers (CFI) approved product perfect for flooring installers
  • One size fits all
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